How To Paint Aluminum Shower Frames

Aluminum shower frames tend to chip and peel over time due to moisture getting underneath the paint. You don’t have to live with that awful look, however. Here’s how you fix that!

Clean It

Before you paint your aluminum shower frame you have to remove the debris first by scraping it off with a scraper tool.

Clean it well with a de-greaser and let it dry before the next step.

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Prime It

Use this self-etching primer by Rustoleum to prep your surface for paint. Since it’s Aluminum you want to use this exact primer.

Paint It

Once your primer is dry you can top coat it with any color of choice. I suggest using Rustoleum spray cans for your top coat. Check out these gloss colors here.

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Where Can I Get Self-Etching Primer?

I get my self-etching primers on Amazon. Click on the Image to see what seller I use.


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